About the Journal

KABA Journal of Management & Entrepreneurship is a scholarly journal published by LPPM STIE Kasih Bangsa.  This journal is dedicated to disseminating high-quality research finding in the fields of Management and entrepreneurship, covering various topics such as strategic management, finance management, economics, organizational behavior, innovation and technology management, business ethics, sustainable entrepreneuship, and small business management. Additionally, the journal includes book reviews to provide critical insights into relevant literature.

Each article undergone a rigorous peer review process to ensure  academic integrity and quality.

The journal is published biannually, with issues released in January and July. It provides a platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to share their insight, theories, empirical studies and case analyses related to management,  entrepreneurship and economic area.

As an open access journal, KABA Journal of Management & Entreneurship ensures that its content is freely accessible to the public, promoting knowledge dissemination and facilitating scholarly discussions. Additionally, the journal adheres to ethical publishing practices and standards, maintaining transparency and integrity in all its publications.